This is an overall summary of Brittney’s Farris’ case. 

Brittney’s Story:
This is an overall summary of Brittney’s Farris’ case.  The case has not yet gone to trial yet, so there is limited information.  Brittney Farris is accused of intentionally harming her stepdaughter while giving her a bath.  The child was hospitalized and treated for scalding.  From the family’s understanding, the incident may have occurred because, the child is non-verbal.  So from that incident, it has turned into an all-out campaign to dehumanize and destroy her by inserting lies of heinous acts and exaggerate truths to a story of,  a classic witch-hunt, like the highly publicized stories of the Wee Care Daycare Trial, the McMartin Trial and The San Antonio 4 trial.   With the culmination of news media, newspaper publications of defaming details that have not been introduced into a court of law, CPS, a Detention Center Correctional Office (now, no longer employed), A Sheriff’s Deputy complaint, and stereotypes of lesbians and people of color this story has been able to negatively affect the minds of not only strangers, but of friends and family of the accused.  This is a recipe for disaster!
The local newspaper, the Richmond Register, was sent a letter and advised that the information that they released was not only incorrect but intentionally used code words for biased suggestion to its readers.  They did not honor the request.  A second article was put out with even more damaging information that was not only unbeknownst to the accused, but that had not yet been introduced into court.  We issued a second request, this time to a judge, requesting that a cessation of information be ordered.
This story has taken what is understood to be an accident and added on lies to make the accident seem intentional.  Many players have played a huge part in making sure that she is destroyed. Not only did the news media destroy her, but a Correctional Officer discussed the case and has been terminated.  A complaint was issued against a Sheriff’s Deputy for a defamatory epithet that she said publically.  Now every day, she is literally fighting for her life in jail.
Brittney Farris is a 28 year old woman with no criminal history and definitely no negative or abusive history with children.  She has babysat and kept her nieces and cousins for long periods of time, unsupervised and when it’s time for the children to go back home, they don’t want to leave.
We firmly believe that due to the history of CPS and its infamous coercion tactics used on children, its influence on legal authorities and the fact that this involves children, Brittney Farris has been demonized and destroyed and has not gotten her Constitutional opportunity yet to take the case to trial and prove her innocence.  We know that it is their plan to destroy her, add on lies and convince the public of inhumanity so that she has no chance at all. Brittney Farris