The family that they placed my grandson with have moved all over Pennsylvania and Maryland,

Name:    Paula Harris
Story: I have a long story to tell, but will start with sending some of my notes of complaint to the ACLU. This is all taking place in Clarke County, Virginia. Department of Social Services, 311 East Main Street, Berryville, Virginia 22611. (540) 955-3700 These people are so corrupt along with the Judges in family court. I can’t believe all the stories I have read about DSS/CPS and the corruption, the collusion that goes on, yet nothing has been done about it. If some of these people would be put behind bars, just maybe we could put a stop to it.

The family that they placed my grandson with have moved all over Pennsylvania and Maryland, and have now settled in Virginia where they seem to have a pretty good racket going on. The family is Brent and Kendra Eby of Frederick County, Virginia. I ran a background check on the family and came up with 17 different addresses. My grandson is special needs and they bring in around 22 hundred a month on him alone.

My complaint is against Gay Allen and DSS of Clarke County, Virginia. They
removed my grandson Kayden Carter (special needs) and his brother
Ryan Gray from their mother in 2014. Gay Allen and two other woman
came to our home and at the meeting on 15 October 2014, we were told
the boys would be returning home. I hired an attorney as soon as I found
out that this was not so. Gay Allen and her entire team told one lie followed
up by another lie in court in 2014, 2015, and 2017 after taking Oath.
They first placed the boys with Ryan’s grandparents, then in April they
placed them at the home of Brent and Kendra Eby, that had moved 12
times in 12 years in the states of Pennsylvania and Maryland before
coming to Virginia.

The Eby’s don’t want Ryan, the brother, and I assume
its because he’s normal and the money isn’t as good. Brent Eby even said
at the first hearing that this four year old little boy was unfit and didn’t
belong in a home with other children. Who says this about a child of four.
These people here and the Judges are all in collusion. I have documents to
back up the truth against the lies they told. Just Wednesday this week, on 26 July 2017, they
said we didn’t do the paperwork, nor foster classes, and that we sat back for
two years and did nothing. The four lawyers we hired, Charles Koehler of Leesburg,
Andrew Taylor of Manassas, Patrick McGraw of Roanoke, James Tate of Vienna.
Jessica, mother to the boys lived with Ryan’s grandparents, all but for one year
February 2013-February 2014.

I would like to know how we can fight the collusion going on in Clarke County, Virginia.
My grandson, Kayden is special needs and he needs and he needs someone to fight for
his rights. We have spent over $100,000 and now we need help. DSS had already been
served in late May and  were to be in court in Winchester on 20 July 2017. Behind my
attorney’s back, they pulled a fast one and adopted Kayden out to this family
(that moves once a year) on 17 July 2017, just three days prior our day in court. This shows
you what type of a person Gay Allen is. Something needs to be done. I need to know
what I can do next. I have documents to back up how corrupt Clarke County is. Please
help me in some way …. give me direction. When they tossed Ryan, the four year old
out the way they did, I think they should have had to surrender Kayden also. We love
our Grandson and would do anything in our power for this boy. Please help me figure
out a way to bring him home.

I would love some feedback, some direction to take, etc…
Thank You for any help, Paula