On Feb 1st 2017 my husband and I was pulled over by one of the police officers in Leonard TX. The officer claimed that we were going 55 in a 50.

Name:    charlotte key
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Story: To whom it may concern
On Feb 1st 2017 my husband and I was pulled over by one of the police officers in Leonard TX. The officer claimed that we were going 55 in a 50.  He would not show use the read out though.  The officer arrested my husband with in the first five mins of pulling us over. The officer claimed that my husband was driving on a suspend license from tx.  At the time we believed that my husband had a valued drivers license from il.  We later came to find out that it had expired but it was only a few mouths on his birthday. But his license was from il. He had no license in TX and just like he claimed he had not had one since he was 16. The officer called him a liar and refused to even listen to what he had to say. He then came to my side of the car. And told me to get out.  To leave my belonging in the car. When I stepped out of the car he then made me lift my shirt in public the whole time saying that he was not allowed to do that. He asked me if I was on drugs and if there was drugs in the car I told him no. He asked me and my husband if he could search the car we both said no. He then decided that he was going to impound the car the car.  I told him there was no reason that I had done nothing wrong. The car was mine I had a license and the insurance was in my name.  He refused to allow anything but for him to be able to search the car. Not shortly after two more officers show up.  One of the officers was called out to help the other one.   One took upon himself to come up even though he was not on duty.  And began to help the other officer dig through my car. The officer telling after they searched the car they were going to allow me to leave with the stuff in my car.  The officer refused to give me my property. He said he had the right to search my purse.  After two hours of them digging in my car they found nothing. The original officer that pulled us over took it open himself to walk up behind me and arrest me for disorderly conduct.  I never cussed or threaten anyone in any way the whole time I spoke to the police. I called them by two names sir and officer.  T They then brought out a drug dog to go throw the car. The police searched through the car when they were only allowed to take inventor.   And when there was nothing in the car like I told them they arrested me and brought out a dog.  When arriving at the jail they striped searched me and my husband. And still found nothing on us. The whole time that we were on the square the officer had called the tow truck. So the man was there the whole time. They let me out the next morning and gave my husband a 1500 bound.  When calling the impound to find out how much it was going to be to get the car. The man said 588 in less than 24 hours. Because he was on scene so long. It took me eight days to get my husband out of jail.  i have set it up so that I am having a jury trial.  They changed the ticket that they gave my husband and gave him timed served. I did nothing wrong and in one night these men arrest my husband. Take my car and sexually assaults me not once but twice.  I have the whole thing on recording to prove that it was a wrong full arrest.   Hi, my name is Charlotte key.   I really need to speak with you.  It is involving several civil rights violations and the ongoing harassment of my family by the City of Leonard Police Department.  Everything started when I discovered that a man that was living in my home had been doing drugs and was hiding the drugs in the bathroom within reach of my children.  I confronted the man and demanded that he leave immediately but he refused and then threatened to kill my children and myself.  I called the City of Leonard Police in hopes that they would protect my family and help me remove the man from my home.  The officers that responded refused to help handle the situation so I decided to go above them and eventually the District Attorney’s office assisted me in filling for and finally being granted a Protective order.  I then spent months trying to get the Leonard police department to help me enforce the protective order when the man began stalking me, stealing and breaking my personal belongings around my home, and stealing belongings from my storage unit.  I reported every incident to the Police and they told me they would not do anything to enforce the order of protection.  In response to my reporting these incidents two of the officers threatened to arrest me claiming that I was filing false reports.  I have no criminal record and thought I was doing the right thing by turning to the police to handle these reoccurring issues according to the law.   The officers then began following me all over town and pulled me over multiple times resulting in thousands of dollars in tickets, court costs, and car impound fees.  I went to court, as required, and set up a payment plan for the tickets and court cost and was diligently paying on them.  I arrived at the Court house to make a payment on the tickets on a Friday evening but was surprised to find no-one was there due to them closing 30 minutes earlier.   On the following Monday, the officer that had been harassing me, Officer Kitts, requested information about my payments and upon seeing the slight discrepancy pushed to immediately have a warrant put out for my arrest.  Officer Kitts then parked near my husband’s job and waited for me to pick my husband, Raymond, up, and proceeded to arrest me and impound my vehicle.  Due to improper conduct and excessive force during my arrest, the officer was suspended and told to stay away from me.  Sometime later, officer Kitts issued me a ticket for truancy for my son, David.   I appeared at court and spoke with the judge in his chambers where I explained to him that with my car being impounded and not allowed on the road before I was able to legalize it, I was walking my son to school to avoid my car being impounded again and possibly losing the only car we had.   The last day I walked David to school it was freezing outside.  When we made it to the school his nose was running, his face was red, and the next morning he was running a fever over 100 degrees.   According to school policy, my son did not attend for the next few days.  I explained to the judge that it was not an unwillingness to take my son to school, rather the concern for his health due to the extreme weather.  I was willing to have an officer pick him up and drop him off, but without a vehicle I would be unable to do it myself.  The judge dismissed all charges and told me to make sure he was present from then on.  Officer Kitts tried to integrate my 7 year old son at school, without my knowledge, which scared David and caused him to lash out and kick the officer in the leg.   My son did not receive any disciplinary action from the school but I decided to have him write an apology to the officer and pulled him from school to take him with me to help my family.  I called the school and told them that David would not be there and to remove him from the roster.   The school failed to do so.  Officer Helms later showed up and gave me another ticket for truancy.  The officer told me I had ten days to report to the city, but when I went to the City Hall two days later, the hearing had been held earlier that morning.  They issued a jury trial because I missed the court date by two hours, and I was given a failure to appear.  I was issued another court date.  After once again proving that I had done nothing wrong, the Judge dismissed all charges and chastised the officer for harassing me.  I promptly started homeschooling him.   After that cps showed up at my home due to “anonymous” reports claiming we were giving the kids drugs and daily use of drugs and alcohol was occurring in the home.  My husband was the only one home at the time and when he answered the door the man began yelling aggressively, charged at him, and demanded to see the kids and search the house.  There were also two other men and two Officers, officer Kitts and the current chief of police, standing on the yard.  My husband informed them that my children and I were not in the home, or even in the state, and that the overly aggressive investigator was not allowed in the home at this time without a warrant.   Raymond then turned around to enter our home and the man then quickly wedged his foot in the door and tried to force his way in, ignoring Raymond’s warning about our pit bull on the other side of the door that he was trying to keep contained in our home.  Raymond recorded the entire interaction with the aggressive investigator.    And now the officer that has been harassing me and my brother, whom I had the protective order against, lied and slandered my name to cps.  They removed my children without any evidence, and did not even try to do a proper investigation.   Neither me nor my husband were ever served for the court date or told about it.  Judge Laura Blake appointed attorneys to us on May 20, 2016, the same day the court hearing was held, and they appeared and announced ready for us without our knowledge.  They said the kids were in danger and needed an emergency removal, yet they did not remove my kids until four days later, May 24, 2016.  An officer came to our home and gave us paper work on May 25, 2016 that seemed to be the service for the court hearing that was held five days earlier.  The attached citation stated that we had 20 days to report to the court.  I called the court house and no one could tell me any information or find the next court date.  They then had another court date on June 3, 2016 without serving us with the date.  My children have spent the last three months in separate homes, scared, and not able to even speak to us.   My daughter turned 3 on July 20th and I was not allowed to even call her.  I have documents, names, times, dates, records and videos of the cps workers and the Leonard police department admitting that they were breaking the law and did not care.  I have contacted the Department of Justice Internal Affairs and many more.  I have spoken to several lawyers who all agree that I have what sounds like a solid case, and I’m working on collecting the money needed to take it to the highest court possible.   CPS Administrators from Austin sent me a letter of apology stating that they had not followed proper procedures in this case and that the investigation has been closed since June 3, 2016 and guardianship has already been awarded to them.  We have not seen nor spoken to our children in going on four months now.   I am insulted and embarrassed.  My husband and I are both honest, natural born tax paying Texans.  Because of lies spread by Police Officers, DFPS, and local criminals, people I have known for many years have decided to distance themselves from me.  Even to this day, the harassment of my family continues.  Just a few weeks ago I got a ride to the store, with a friend and her mother, to buy some groceries.  The store is only about a mile away from my house, but it was way too hot out to walk there and back.  On our way back to my house, the chief and officer Kitts pulled the car over.  My friend’s mother was only a few driveways down from her own and decided to pull into the driveway not thinking this would be an issue.  After she turned the vehicle off, I started to have difficulty breathing so I opened the door so as to let some air flow in.  The chief stepped out of the patrol car, put his hand on his gun, and walked towards me screaming for me to get back in the car.  First, they spoke with the driver and placed her under arrest.   My friend told the officer that she had been in trouble over 13 years ago for drugs but has turned her life around and she was not trying to hide anything.  They handcuffed her, and told her she was not being arrested but it was for precaution.  They left me in the car with all the windows rolled up and the doors shut during this whole process.  I asked the chief several times if I could open the door and get out because it was very hot and making me feel ill. He said no I could not, he knew how hot it was, he did not care and for me to shut up and stay in the car.  After 15-20 minutes I was covered in sweat and felt like I was going to pass out.  As Officer Kitts walked by the car I told him I was going to have a heat stroke.  He then smiled at me and said I could get out of the car.  He then searched my purse and tried to tell me that I was responsible for whatever was found in the car. He allowed me to leave when I once again proved that I had done nothing wrong.  I am asking that this stops and that it does not go unnoticed.  The pain and hurt that these people have caused my family is unbearable and completely uncalled for.  I was sick for days after that from heat exhaustion.  Because of everything that has happened, the things my family has suffered through at the hands of these Officers, and out of fear of what else would be done to me, I was not going to say anything to them.   So i am asking for your help Sir.  I know that you are the one that recently put CPS under investigation.  I have done nothing wrong and they are breaking the law to destroy my family.  Not only have they been allowed to get away with it thus far, they continue to do whatever they can to negatively affect myself and those around me.  I will continue to fight for my children, my family’s good standing, and our freedom to live peacefully.  I ask that you help me sir.  I have tried everything and I know that you have seen the corruption and made a stand against it.  I feel that you can help to keep them from continuing to break the law and destroying innocent lives.   We cannot allow people of authority to abuse their power and use it to harass and tear people apart.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you for your time,
Charlotte Key