On 2-16-17, my two oldest daughters, 12 & 14 at time, were abducted from their school by a Childrrns Division Investigator without a warrant, Court order, Hearing, notification, or investigation.

Brian fischer
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Story: On 2-16-17, my two oldest daughters, 12 & 14 at time, were abducted from their school by a Childrrns Division Investigator without a warrant, Court order, Hearing, notification, or investigation. Later that night, she went to my youngest two daughters mothers house, who was watching them while I worked, along with Jefferson County Sherriffs and abducted my youngest two daughters, 3 & 6 at the time. I had called my oldests two’s school after they did not get off their bus. The school gave me the investigators phone #, I repeatedly called her all evening and night leaving many messages. She returned none, refused to answer and ignored my calls. Even while she was taking my youngest two while I was on my way to get them. She gave no reason why, said she didn’t have to and too many reasons to list to my girls mother. I am a single father with full custody of them from 2-2016 till 2-16-2017. I called repeatedly next morning, she, Kelly Hodge of Jefferson County mo. Children’s Division, Investigator, finally answered around noon that day. She refused to tell me a reason why they were taken, said “she didn’t have time for this”, i asked if she was refusing me my right to know, she said too many things to list, again said she didnt have time for this, gave me her supervisors supervisor’s phone # and hung up on me. Around 1pm 2-17-17, my 40th birthday, the supervisor informed me that the charges were for child neglect. No specifics were given till the firsy FST meeting where i received a report prepared for court following meeting. In her report, she states no food in the home as a reason, and states in her report. Then states “some chips and cheese found in home” as only food in my home. She never entered my home. She never came by or even talked to me before this. I had talked to her on phone a few days before, she repeatedly asked me offensive questions in an arrogant condescending tone like if I had food, if I had water, if I had electric, if my children ate, if I bathed them, etc. All to which I answered yes. She never came by. Stated in her report my electric was off for over 5 days. That was another lie, my electric was off for 1 day a week or so before this due to my pregnant daughter (19, not in my home) getting arrested for an overdue traffic ticket and I used electric $ to bail her out, was a gap of about a day between disconnect and my pay check. My oldest stayed w a friend that night, my 12,6,&3 y/o’s stayed w me that night, we used camping heater when there to sleep at night only. She stated that my 12 y/o was malnourished,  weak, and unhealthy. That was again another lie proven by the dr examination done after custody was illegally taken, all reports showed all of my daughters in perfect health, zero issues of any type. She stated in her report that it was important to call my 12 y/o a boys name and refer to her as a him. This was against my explicit disapproval. My 14y/o had called me the day of abduction at 11 am and had asked me to change her schools. I told her no. She has a history of lying, manipulation, stealing, etc. She was sexually abused years before while not in my care by her cousin on her mother’s side at her grandmother’s house on her mother’s side. She has had many issues since. Children’s Division Investigated and got a partial confession, but took no action. He got away with it, they did nothing to this day. Again, part of her issue, and our problems. She was out of control around February, I had called Juvenile in December. They never returned my calls. She was supposed to go to a supervised living facility back in October of 2016, children’s division changed their mind, thought it might be harmful for her. They asked me if I would take her back in my home, I said absolutely.  But I couldn’t give her the help she needed and she only got worse. On 2-16-17, she made some report to her counselor after I refused to change her schools. She needed to accept responsibility for her actions, lying to kids, stealing, manipulation, etc. Not run away. Well, Investigator Kelly Hodge found her a placement in the school district she wanted to change schools to. A well off couple that bought her a new wardrobe, new iPhone, and spent a lot of $ on her. Good people, not their fault. Their heart was in the right place. 14 y/o had just stolen $900+ from her former teacher by stealing her bank card info. She had done that to me 2 times since 10/16 for at least $400. Possibly $500+. Kelly Hodge placed my 12 y/o w a teacher who supported transgenderism and started calling her a boy name, cut and dyed her hair, and bought her boy clothes. My two youngest stayed w my sister and bro in law. Judge Shannon Doughtrey refused to give me a 1 day continuance to get a Lawyer, and refused all evidence I presented. My phone bill. The dr exam. My electric usage bill. I gave the teacher 14 stole $ from’s # to entire team. I asked for drug testing of 14. I found pipes and she stole alcohol from me, bought sex toys w teachers card. I presented sex toys, packages addressed to teachers name and my address. Linda Grebe, supervisor, openly lied in first fst meeting about 14 case history, called me a liar. Bill Dodson GAL refused all info i gave him. Judge refused all evidence, and ordered me to take drug tests. I provided a clean drug test, otherwise I would not have been allowed to have my two youngest back. Then, judge said she wanted supervised drug tests and hair follicle test or they were taking my youngest again. Hair follicle and urine showed some thc. Nothing else. Late 7/17, 14 was kicked out of placement for lying, stealing, suspected sexual encounters, stealing alcohol,  etc. 12 was moved to new placement after teacher tired of acting like she was a boy after 2 weeks, she was moved to another placement. I wrote the governors office about this, they reffered it to investigators office and an investigation is pending. Upon learning this, they tried to take custody of my 2 youngest 3 times in the week previous to 7/18/17. On 7/18/17 the team presented a screenshot of a vague text sent to 14 several weeks previous and declared it a death threat. Both 3 & 6 were moved to a foster home with 8 other children, most all of them, if not all are in foster care. Its a professional foster home. The judge signed off on it and did not recuse herself even though what they presented and said the meaning of the text was a clear conflict of interest. I was not allowed to defend myself. We asked for continuance to get my witnesses all there, she scheduled it for 9/18/17. 2 months out. Ordered me to have psych evaluation and therapy and therapeutic visits of 1 hour a week with my two youngest that I have pretty much raised since babies despite known trauma caused by separation between us before. Even caseworker had previously stated in this case the undeniable special bond we have. His words were “they have the closest and most special bond between the youngest two and their father that I have ever witnessed”. That is on court record, fact. Due to missed work and continued schedule of weekly events and meetings etc, I lost my job in March. I also lost my house and drained all accounts. Drained all reserves of scrap etc I save for Christmas, and sold many tools. I’m flat broke in a 2 bedroom apartment. I made over $80,000 last year, lived in a nice 5 bedroom house in a nice neighborhood. I was there 2 years or so. Had a nice play set for the younger 2, big back yard. Fire pit, etc. I’m not rich, nor was I poor. But I am now. I was proud of what I accomplished. My divorce was to be finalized with getting false back child support off my credit in march. We had planned for months our vacation after taxes. Since 2/16/17, I missed 12 & 14 birthdays, mine was ruined, this judge took my divorce our of a different court and back child support case and added them to her court, so that’s still not done. Since 2/16/17, I’ve been allowed to see 12 and 14 for 2 hours and 15 minutes worth of therapy on 3 visits. I’m not scheduled to see them again till 9/13/17 for another 45 minutes worth of therapy, continuing every other week after. I have seen my youngest 1 time on 8/29since 7/18. The placement for my youngest is a professional foster care provider that is a single mother who has the maximum amount of children allowed, her mother is as well and also has maximum amount of children allowed. My 7 year old daughter has told her mother that placement is mean to her and spanks other children there. At my therapeutic visit my daughter answered questions oddly from therapist and both the therapist and myself noticed her itching her butt. When asked by therapist why she kept itching her butt, she said it was nothing, she had poison ivy on her butt. My daughters were dirty and wearing clothes 3 sizes too big. 7 had her shorts twisted in a ball at waist in back with a rubber band clinching the ball up.Both 7&3 cried and begged and pleaded to go home w me when visit ended. Placement was indifferent to them and did not try to comfort them. That placement had asked if they were sexually abused during the last FST meeting on 8-18. She also alleged she observed signs of sexual abuse. My daughters had been in her care for a month at this time. It was the first time anyone has ever stated anything like this about my 7 year old. I requested a dr exam and for my daughter to talk to a therapist to make sure nothing had happened. At my visit, she again stated this to therapist. I became more concerned, alarmed after observing this woman and my daughters behavior at visitation. I again requested this be checked out, but didn’t get a reply so I called the county director of children’s division and expressed my concern. The case worker emailed me later that day and stated that my “aggressive false allegations” cost him time on my case and others. Now, my visit got cancelled next week. I have a civil rights claim placed w the state and grievances filed with county both under investigation. I have to get my girls back home asap. They are being traumatized. Please help me in any way possible. I’ve written a lot of letters to whoever I thought could help. I’ll take advise on what I can do next or any type of help I can get. Please help me