My children were taken after I took my baby (6 weeks) to the hospital. It was found out her father had hurt her. They took my children. I kicked him out and he went to prison. I didn’t get my kids back. The abuser and I had the EXACT same chance to get her back and I had a chance to get my other 2 back. There was no danger in my house. I was questioned by cops unrecorded and denied a lawyer or mental health professional and then preceded to tell me I was a horrible mom because I went to sleep after 3 days of not sleeping, (I have PTSD caused by being in foster care myself) all in front of my cps case worker. They kept pressuring me and yelling at me until I had a panic attack and told them what they wanted. They knew I had a disorder that would cause this outcome and used it against me. It took almost 2 years before they gave my children back. I had to jump through hoops for this. I was treated like a criminal for sleeping and leaving my child’s father, who had never hurt my older two children, in charge. He hurt my child. I was also a victim of his horrible crime and they treated me the same way they treated him after it was proven I had nothing to do with it. Two months before I was to be rid of cps they came and did a drug test. When the results came in they took them again. I’ll admit I had THC in my system as I use it to treat my PTSD but they took them for having cocaine in my system. I hadn’t taken cocaine. I was stunned. The test showed a large amount in my system. I lost my house and car because of them saying I had cocaine in my system even though I had never had it in my system before and never had it again. I was innocent. I had no where to go but north to live with my brother in Minnesota. I was told I still could get my kids back if I moved. They told me a week after I moved that I wouldn’t be able to get my kids because I moved out of state. During all this, from the start, my court appointed lawyer would only have me follow cps’s orders. He never fought in my favor and wouldn’t talk to the judge in my defense when misinformation was given. He didn’t even mention my protest of the drug test to the court. The man that hurt my daughter, broke 5 bones in her body is still free to work for custody while still in prison fpr the crime and I can’t even talk to my children.