Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy case
This is the most detailed and disturbing case of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, that i think the authorities have encountered in a while.

Mother/suspect:  Lisa Moreno-Dickinson

The name of her two boys, victims are “AID” & Brody.

She claims she studied Psychology and criminal justice, even working as a receptionist for a while in a police department. however in a chat her answers were inconsistent she changed her school from one Az state college to the Univ.

.. that after scrolling down her page over a year and half you will immediately discover some inconsistent facts, and troubling glory & financially benefits she enjoys due to her sick kids.

Heres what my wife knows. Her name is Lisa Moreno-Dickinson,(may be fake last name)  lives in Philadelphia, has full custody of her two boys, Everyone on face book, and even her own family/parents/and her ex all have suspect that she has been causing bizarre symptoms in her two boys. Mainly one child, the youngest. It is possible that her first child “AID” originally had an illness when he was a baby, and this is when she got hooked with the attention.  ( i spoke to Lisa a few times on the phone, this is when she indirectly mentioned that her EX and her parents were not supportive with her 2 children’s illnesses) Lisa is always on the run moving from one State to the next and dodges people.

Lisa has literally made a life out oh her sick boys,  receiving a large income from donations for close to a decade, through her non-for profit, and in her mind she has received “fame,” & “glory” due to her children’s mysterious illnesses.  she thrives off from her sick children thanking her for caring for them, she thrives off the idea that she “coined” a new term for her child’s unknown illnesses. The youngest she keeps from attending school.  Both children look very healthy EXCEPT for the unknown mysterious symptoms that appear, that also make them sick.

On facebook one observe immediately that something is not right,  Lisa, thrives on the people who are feeling sorry for her becasue of her “Sick” children. her youngest still does not  go to school, I think he is around 8 years old. Lisa admits them to same hospitals for a period and different hospitals every few weeks since they were born. She has falsely accused the father so that he cannot do anything about this situation and keeps her parents far at bay. Numerous individual have suspected that Lisa was some how causing the symptoms in her child. Apparently Lisa has used some of the donations from her children “Non for profit” to have several plastic surgeries on herself.

I have included some photographs she has sent me of her sick children (even though i do not know her except through facebook.  I have also seen photos she presents on facebook her receiving an honor (from informal/unprofessional local group) giving her a ribbon for her devotion to her children.

I have ALSO included (in the attachment)

When i looked into some of the medical terms Lisa was using, the definition was that it is an “illness without a diagnoses.”

I found all this information and posting disturbing, I am a Nurse and active Child Advocate.   I personally do not want to get involved, but i will sleep a lot better knowing this troubling situation is in the hands of authority whom can  investigate this troubling scenario.

On her Page…she has a long list of personal claims that  stem from her Children’s illness. After i spoke to her on the phone and asked her some basic personal questions, it became apparent that she relied on her child’s illness as a where to make a “mark” in her world.

keep those two little boys in your mind, who have nowhere to turn, and have no idea that it is most likly their mother causing their debilitating symptoms!!