Anna Seidle story HS Student/Victim of CPS

My name is Anna Seidl and I am a senior in high school who is writing an argument paper in my college class on the corruption of CPS. My mother, 4 younger siblings and I were attacked multiple times by this terrifying system, even though we were completely innocent. My mother took us and ran. I am supposed to write my paper on only one section of the corruption and then talk about a group or groups that are trying to fight it. I think I am going to write about the corrupt process of removing the children. I am writing this paper not only for class, but also so I can more knowledgeable about how to fight the system and protect myself and my little siblings which I love so dearly.
I read and agree how you wrote change is unlikely, since the whole CPS system is so controlled and oppressing. When they invaded my life, I could not believe that they were able to do that legally and nothing we said or do could legally stop them.
Although I know this, do you know of any groups of people that are currently trying to do something to stop them, weather it be through lawsuits, or civil disobedience or something? the only thing I have been able to find is a few online petitions and sites telling us to become knowledgeable in the system. Do you know of any specific sites or groups I can look at? I am including this site in my paper, but need more valuable sources. Anything will help. Thank you!

With love in Christ,
Anna Seidl