A bribed judge gave custody to a “father” ….

Name: chris johnson
Email: hurrayforfootball@hotmail.com
Tell Us Your Story: I have proof that Government allows judges to legally kidnap children – this story involves child custody suit. A bribed judge gave custody to a “father” who repeatedly tried to give his kids up for adoption so he shouldn’t have to pay child support but his wife refused to consent, “dad” then abandoned kids for SIX years – no visits, no support, dad has substantiated child abuse and domestic abuse. Kids inherited TRUST FUNDS that go to whoever gets custody. Dad shows up – bribed judge gives kids to Dad and cuts out the mother. There are dozens of irrefutable proof of adoption, abandonment & abuse – cps records and marriage counselor records. Mom never even got a trial. Mom is court ordered not to post her evidence. Please can Citizens Against CPS post this story cause it proves government is corrupt. Mom filed four appeals, reported to DA, FBI, Attorney Generals, Governor, Mayor – but no one would help. Newspapers refused to print this story. contact me at hurrayforfootball@hotmail.com and I will email you the evidence.

Time: February 5, 2016 at 4:38 am