Reform & Advocating for CHANGE in Child Protective Services & Family Courts

  • 2On December 11th 2015, Patricia spoke to Michigan's Governor' private 'Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect,' after United State's Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan requested Patricia to share her experience, research and input to this Task Force.
  • 3June 2017, Patricia Mitchell became an Official Contributor to the Huffington Post, as a Child Advocate. Arianna Huffington asked Patricia to "be the Voice for Children" Publishing her first world wide article entitled 'USA Children used as Currency.' Monthly Articles have been published in the Huffington Post since June 2017
  • 4In May 2017, Patricia's Children INC. received our Official IRS Exemption Status, (receiving our 'Determination letter' from the IRS!
  • 5In January 2017, Patricia's Children INC. website went live on the Internet. Our Website is still a work in progress
  • 6In December 2017, Patricia's Children INC. received our first 5 Digit Donation from a long time activist and veteran in this field who wishes to remain anonymous
  • 7August 2016, 'The 2016 'CPS' Child Protective Service Comprehensive Report, by Patricia Mitchell, was requested by Professor Janelle Washburn of Denver University Graduate School to be used in her Graduate Courses in Social Work
  • 8In June 2016 Patricia Mitchell became an official Member of the world wide honorable, Investigative Reporters and Editors Organization "IRE"
  • 9On June 16th - 21st 2016, Patricia Mitchell attended the IRE 'Investigative Reporters and Editors' National Conference in New Orleans
  • 10May 6th-8th 2016. Patricia Mitchell of 'Patricia's Children') was invited to give her own individual 'Workshop at the National 'Battered Mothers Custody Conference' in Albany NY.
  • 11March 2016 'The 'CPS' Child Protective Services Comprehensive Report' by Patricia Mitchell (and her Bard College students, in 2014) was UPDATED and secured with footnotes.
  • 12April 2014Patricia attended the Children's Advocacy Submit in Washington DC. In additional to the high profile speakers & professionals featured at this conference; Patricia met with several US Congress men & women, includingUS Senator Debbie Stabenow from Michigan, who later requested Patricia to speak to the 'Governors Task Force on Child Abuse & Neglect' Committee in Michigan, as well as the 'Children & Families & Seniors Committee' at the Michigan House of Representatives. Patricia also met privately with Mark Shriver, Founder of 'Save the Children' to discuss opening up a domestic division of 'Save the Children' within the USA
  • 13March 2014 Patricia and her Bard College students completed their deep investigative research on the history and current status of the Child Protective Services Nation wide. Resulting in Patricia's Academic Report entitled: 'The Child Protective Services 'CPS' Comprehensive Report, UPDATED Annually.'
  • 14In November 2013, Patricia Mitchell attended the Sister Giant Conference in Los Angeles for women leaders and in government positions, featuring well known/successful women from across the USA, Hosted by Marianne Williamson