Our Mission

'A successful Mother & Child Reunion'

A successful Mother & Child Reunion

Our Mission                                                              EIN number 47-4255509

Giving a voice to children and parents cornered by regulations within the Family Custody crisis, including Child Protective Services cases, children in Foster Care and those who have become hostages of the Family & CPS/DHS Court systems.

The Family Courts and Child Protective Services have nothing to do with Protecting Children.

Our Legal Mission

Purpose: To Research, Investigate and Report on foster care systems, services, agencies and organizations, private and public that are responsible for protecting and welfare of children, primarily in the United States. (“Subject Groups”) Including investigating, reporting and research, assisting the children’s parents whom fall victim to these systems, services, agencies and organizations.

  • Advocate for legislation, regulations and other requirements established by Federal, State and local authorities, to protect the health and welfare of children and their parents undertaken and to be undertaken by Subject Groups
  • Bring Media Attention and other Publicity to the plight of children & innocent parents, for which Subject Groups are responsible.